Property Management
Are Your Real Estate Assets Safe?

Look no further!

Property Management

One thing that investors need to understand that not all property managers are created equal. In fact, many property managers are operating illegally, and putting you and your assets at risk! Liability ultimately falls to the property owner when the property manager fails.

Prism Realty Group, LLC. is different. Our property management division is managed by a licensed real estate broker, which is a legal requirement in the state of New York. In addition, the people directly working with your properties are licensed real estate agents. We operate under the Real Property laws of the State of New York as well as under the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors. In addition, you can rest assured knowing that Prism Realty Group, LLC. utilizes proper accounting practices.

Is your current property manager handling your real estate assets the way you want them to? Do you have a “problem portfolio” that you need assistance with? Contact us today for a consultation. Our rates are very competitive and the more units you have, the better our rates are.

Prism Realty Group, LLC. is an integrated solution for property owners seeking a property management company. Our residential property management group specializes in management in the Niagara / Erie County area for in town and out of town/out of state buyers and investors.

Services Available

Prism Realty Group is a fully licensed real estate brokerage. This means your assets are handled by a licensed Broker and Agents, protecting your real estate assets in accordance with New York State law.

  • Rental Collection
  • Security Deposit Collection
  • All funds handled according to state regulations
  • Leasing agreements (origination and enforcement)
  • Financial reports sent to owner
  • Multimedia Advertising of available units
  • Screening of tenants to ensure your property is safe
  • 24/7 Emergency On Call service
  • Evictions, Court, Collections (additional fees apply)
  • Portfolio Management
  • Bill Payment (utility, taxes, mortgage) (requires additional agreement)
  • Experience with rental assistance agencies such as Department of Social Services as well as Section 8 (Belmont, DePaul, RAC, Lake Shore)
  • Meet with inspectors and officials as necessary
  • Full Maintenance Services available
  • Maintenance calls logged and tracked
  • Clean outs
  • Repairs
  • Renovations / Rehabs / Overhauls
  • Condition Reports
  • Digital Photography
  • Repair Estimates
  • Consultation Services (real estate)
  • Lawn Care, Snow Plowing
  • Painting
  • Flooring / Carpeting
  • HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical
  • Roof repairs
  • Insurance Claim Reporting
  • Consultation Services Available

    Prism Realty Group's Property Management division offers a number of consultation services for investors that need local assistance, but may not necessarily need full management services. If you are interested in more information on these, or any other services, please contact our office at (716) 844-6955.

  • Tenant Screening & Placement - We will show your units and screen tenants, including a credit and background check.  Price varies depending on number of units.
  • Tenant Screening Only -  We will provide you with a rental application.  Once returned to our office, we will screen the tenant including background check and credit check.  $25 per application (We suggest charging this back to the applicant as a non-refundable application fee.)
  • Maintenance Work - We will organize contractors to handle maintenance work at your property at a one time or ongoing basis.  Price varies depending on job.
  • Research Services - We will do the hard work of investing for you!  We will find the deals, visit the properties, photograph them, and compile a detailed a report for you!  We do this based on your search criteria, and we can help you determine what may be the best investment for your dollar!  $300
      • Research Services with Pre-Purchase Inspection - All of the Research Services above are included, and we walk through the property with a contractor who can show what work will need to be completed once the home is purchased. $500
          • Research Services with Pre-Purcahse Inspection and Full Home Inspection - All of the Research Services and a Pre-Purchase inspection are included, as well as a full home inspection by a licensed home inspector.  This is required for most properties if there will be a mortgage. $750
  •  Service of 3 Day or 30 Day Notice - We will serve a 3 or 30 day notice via regular mail, certified mail, and in person to the tenant.  You will receive copies of all appropriate paperwork for your court case.  $55
  •  Eviction - Not every tenancy ends happily.  We will handle the eviction process for you, from beginning to end.  This service does not include service of the 3 or 30 day notice.  You will receive copies of all appropriate paperwork from your court case.  $550
  • General Consultation - Real estate consultation services are available.  We can help you with a variety of real estate topics, such as investing, property management, and more.  $55/hour  Retainer services are also available.